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Lush, vibrant, hydroponic greens flourishing in controlled, nutrient-rich environments.

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Sowing Freshness, Harvesting Delight, Redefining Your Culinary Journey!

Established in 2020 in Kolkata, Kochipaata pioneered hydroponic farming, earning acclaim for fresh microgreens. The 2024 Naktala experience center and cafe exemplify their commitment to farm-to-fork dining. Now, Kochipaata offers home delivery across Kolkata, ensuring the city enjoys their hydroponically cultivated greens. Embracing convenience, they've introduced a subscription plan, allowing patrons to receive regular deliveries of their nutrient-rich produce. As Kochipaata embarks on a franchise program, the brand's expansion signifies a broader reach for their sustainable, quality-driven approach. Rooted in culinary innovation, Kochipaata continues to redefine agriculture and dining, making fresh, pesticide-free greens accessible to households citywide, all while providing an immersive experience at their Naktala center.

Opening Hours

Everyday: 11am – 10pm

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