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How to grow Microgreens at home

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Microgreens are one of the easiest growing crops that do not require so much time or huge investment. Instead, what’s most needed is regular care with a little patience. If someone understands the basic needs of a baby plant, that will enough to get the pleasure of growing. We are going to discuss those basic points in brief following step by step process. Providing the proper elements and maintaining the process carefully can produce Microgreens with enhanced flavour, taste and texture. At first let us get ready with required Elements.

How to grow Microgreens
Sowing Seeds


All the Microgreens are nutritious obviously, but every variety contain different nutritional value. So, before choosing your preference, you need to know your nutrition requirement as per your necessity. On that basis only you can select your Microgreen buddy. Need assistance! Read our Top 10 Nutrient rich Microgreens.

How to choose microgreens seeds
Microgreen Seeds


Microgreen grow well in coco peat, potting mix or vermiculite media. But soilless medium is more recommended because there is low chance of developing soil borne disease. I personally prefer coco mat/coco coir as growing medium due to its light weight and easy maintenance.

Microgreen growing medium
Coco Peat

Growing Tray

The seeds need a base on which they are sowed, grown and stand firmly. Here, you can use several types of growing tray. But a flat surfaced, durable and shallow tray with good drainage hole is preferable. If the tray is shallow (1-2 inches deep), the growing medium wastes less and the crop harvesting becomes easier.

Microgreen trays
Microgreen trays


One seed gets germinated with the information carried by water. Hence, water is very primary element for germination process. And after germination, water is only external source of nutrient for growth of plants. These baby plants do not require any fertilizer of pesticides for their life cycle up to Microgreen stage. Only concentrated micronutrients of water is enough for their proper growth. Here, an important information is that most of the plants loves PH of water ranging from 5.5 to 6.5.

How to water microgreens
Watering Microgreens


Most of the popular microgreens are actually winter crops. They require a temperature range of 18-20 degree Celsius to get germinated. In winter, maintaining this temperature is not hard at all. You can have the pleasure of growing your microgreens in summer time also with the help of Air Conditioner.

Microgreen growing temperature
Temperature for Microgreens


Microgreen is a stage between sprouts and shoots. The cotyledon leaves comes out and require light for photosynthesis. It helps the plant to get a healthy growth. So light is very essential element for growing Microgreens.

How to light microgreens
Placing Microgreens under light

Now you know the basic elements for growing. From here we will discuss how to use them in proper order and the entire growing process you need to follow.


Soaking Seeds
Soaking Seeds

Germinating any hard shelled seed, soaking for 6-8 hours in water is necessary. But before going through the process, you need to know which seeds need soaking.


How to sow Microgreens
Sowing Microgreens

In this process you will need seeds, growing medium, tray and water in a spray bottle. First, spread your medium evenly into the tray for grow bed. Moist the medium by spraying water, but be careful, it should not get saturated. Now scatter your seeds evenly without overlapping. Tap them slightly so that seeds may come to close contact with the medium. After this, mist them again, avoid overwatering to prevent mold or any fungus infection and place another tray upon the first one. Always try to use some weight on the upper tray so that the seeds implant roots firmly in the medium. Keep spraying water 3-4 times a day and keep the tray in dark, well ventilated area of your house.

Black out

After 2-3 days (depending upon the seed variety), you will see the seeds would germinated and small cotyledon leaves will emerge. It is the time to remove the weight and flip the upper tray to give them space to thrive. Water spraying schedule should be maintained as previous.

Light phase

How to provide light for Microgreen growing
Keeping Microgreens in Light

After 1-2 days of black out when the central stem becomes more than 1 inch, place the tray under light. In this point, stop spraying water on top of baby plants and start pouring water at the bottom of the tray.


How to harvest Microgreens
Microgreen Harvest

Within 1 or 2 days, lights will change the colour of leaves from pale yellow to green and the stems will get a height of 2-3 inches. Now they are ready to harvest. Take a sharp knife or scissor and cut the microgreens just above the medium line. Do not forget to disinfect cutting tool before harvesting.

Yeah! your Microgreens are ready to consume. Rinse well with mild water and serve them on the dressing of your salad or the top of your baked or stir fried recipes.


If you do not use them immediately after harvesting, you need to store them to enjoy later. Here, take the harvested greens and keep them in a dry, air tight container covering with a cotton tissue. You must store them at the green section of your refrigerator. Do not rinse them before storing.

And a secret tip, dip your stored microgreens in chilled water just for 5-6 minutes before serving and feel it fresh and crispier like never been stored.

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