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What is Microgreens

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Today many of us tired of instant fast food or junk food, tend to change our taste with something pure and genuine. To shift from processed to healthy food, salad or soup or broth is becoming our first choice. Now, these are not so exciting for our taste buds. But there are microgreens to enhance the taste really. Want to make salad more innovative and tastier? Feel interested to know something healthy and tasty together? If yes, then microgreens are obvious choice. Do you know about microgreens? Let me give you a gleam of beneficial properties of microgreens, a basic introduction.

What is Microgreen Kolkata

The tiny cotyledon leaves on the top of 2-to-3-inch stems are known as Microgreens. Microgreens are often confused with sprouts or shoots; but they are just a step ahead from sprout and early stage of shoots. They are actually the middle stage between sprout and baby green. When the seeds emerge stem and first two cotyledon leaves, that particular micro version calls microgreen. The interesting part of the term ‘microgreens’ does not comply any specific plant. Rather, most of the plants go through the microgreen stage and some like broccoli, radish, mustard and many become popular in healthy diet.

Studies says that microgreens are a large time more nutritious than their grown form. Even, a few of them like Broccoli, Pak Choi, Radish and more contain anti cancerous properties.

Microgreen Grower in Kolkata
Growing Microgreens

Why they become popular

The contained food in the seed generally uses to grow a mature plant. In microgreens, as they are harvested before becoming mature plant, the contained food is not fully used. It makes them nutrient condensed by keeping the contained food inside. Microgreens are getting gradually popular as an obvious part of trendy healthy platter. Let’s know the reasons behind its immense popularity.

Microgreen Seller in Kolkata
Microgreen Salad

Nutritional punch

It’s high time to replace nutrition supplement in your diet by a handful of organically grown microgreens. They contain four times higher vitamin, antioxidant and minerals compared to the same mature greens. What’s more, they have plant compounds such as polyphenol and sulphoraphane. Though generally microgreens provide higher nutritional value than full grown veggies, nutritional fact varies upon the specific variety at your hand. To know Nutritional value of microgreens in detail click Top 10 Nutrient rich Microgreens.

Nutritional value of Microgreens
Variety of Microgreens

Medicinal package

Do you want to give away the number of medicine strips to get enough immunity? Then start to consume microgreens daily as a medicinal supplement. Some studies claim that microgreens help to lower the risk of developing various chronic diseases including cancer, cardio vascular problem and kidney diseases. If you already suffering from diabetes, hypertension, malnutrition or eye related issues, you should check out detailed Medicinal facts of Microgreens.

Health benefits of Microgreens
Avocado Salad with Microgreens

Own grown food

Most of the city dwellers spend a tight work schedule and go to super market or grocery shop and bring readymade packaged food. Here, low maintenance growing microgreens in window or kitchen garden relieves you from excessive stress along with the increasing ability of self-production. They do not require long time or any difficult procedure to grow, but the pleasure of growing is really unbelievable. Growing Microgreens are so easy and we have expert guidance in How to grow Microgreens.

Microgreen Growing kit in Kolkata
Radish Microgreens

Allows food experiment

Microgreens surely adds extra colour and texture to a simple and regular recipe. Your plate gets another level of delicacy using the dressing or garnishing with these colourful tiny leaves. Experimenting with them in your own recipe would definitely be a fun. Fresh, crunchy microgreens to the top of your avocado toast or your soup bowl surely stimulate your taste buds. Adding them in green smoothie or sprinkle on the salad will enhance the visual appearance too. Check out recipe of Green Leafy Salad with Microgreens.

How to garnish food with Microgreens
Food Garnishing with Microgreens

Hope this information will inspire foodies for healthier food habit. Go for it now.

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