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Quick and easy vegetarian salad

Vegetarian salad is not about chewing only lettuce or rocket or kale leaves. There are lots of simple yet taste enhancing dressing that turns a monotonous salad in exciting and nutritious one. With variety of flavor, colour and texture, a bowl of salad provides nutrition punch.

Let’s have a glance on the nutritional benefits of vegetarian salad.


It is the high time to choose ample number of green leaves in your diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle. To make leafy salad, take lettuce, broccoli, rocket from your kitchen and get the phytonutrients properly.


Take a handful of beans, lentils, moong, legume to get sufficient fiber in your diet. While try for a bean or moong salad, the fiber keeps you full for a long time. It also smoothens your digestive system and helps to reduce excessive weight.


If chicken or fish bore your tastes, shift to a bowl of green salad. And believe you get enough protein without consuming chicken and fish. Tofu, cheese, quinoa perfectly compliments your salad and give you the required protein to keep you fit.

Unsaturated fat

Add a handful of walnut, almond, pine nut, peanut and pistachio to add more texture and crunch in your salad bowl. Most importantly, these nuts add extra energy, minerals, natural fiber and unsaturated fat in your meal.

Let’s know the name of five healthy and tasty vegetarian salad recipes that you can done quickly without having so many stuffs or long preparation.

Let’s know the name of five healthy and tasty vegetarian salad recipes that you can done quickly without having so many stuffs or long preparation.

1.Green bean salad

Sometimes you have not so much time in your hand but have to prepare some heavy recipe to keep you full for a long time. Then go undoubtedly for green bean salad. It will take maximum 10-15 minutes with your daily kitchen ingredients. Pick green bean, mushroom and chili from vegetarian section & two cloves’ garlic from herb section of your fridge. Go to the kitchen shelf and mix pepper, salt and olive oil together to make the quick and twisting salad dressing.

Green bean is high in vitamin A, C, K, folic acid, iron and calcium. People who suffer from anemia or low metabolism, green bean a must added food in their diet. You can easily reduce excessive weight and unwanted toxins simultaneously by the diuretic properties of green bean. Become fade up to get glowing skin? Try to consume green bean salad regularly. And the easily absorbed silicon of bean will definitely give you healthy, rejuvenating skin along with strong nails. Besides, mushroom adds huge protein in your diet.

2. Watermelon Basil Salad

After a long-exhausted office day, we all need a refreshing food to keep us soothing. To make such a healthy quick recipe, you do not need “extra ordinary cooking skill’. Simply pick a ripe watermelon to enjoy it to its fullest. The fresh basil crush makes it more aromatic and robust.

Actually, watermelon is high in water content and low in calorie. So, it keeps you hydrated and fat free always. The lycopene in watermelon helps to prevent various diseases and boosts your overall immunity power. On other side, you may add some cheese cubes to your plate. Try to combine protein, vitamin and mineral together in your meal? If yes, undoubtedly go for this and get sufficient protein, vitamin A, B1, B6 with potassium, magnesium at your same bite.

3.Green Apple Salad

On your lazy weekend, when you lack energy of going restaurant but want to relish with homemade dishes make green apple salad just within 15 minutes. Most surprisingly, you can make the bowl with ingredients on your hand.

The sweet and sour slices of green apple give huge protein and fiber that significantly improve your digestive system. Moreover, the healthy flavonoids and low-fat content of green apple reduce your belly fat also. You may add flaked nuts, raisins, green leaves if you like more crunch and texture. While arranging get together or holiday party at your home, definitely serve this bowl between meals & easily impress others by your cooking skill.

3. Leafy Walnut Salad

Feel craving for a tasty side dish in lunch table? Satisfy your craving just within ten minutes. Before making Leafy walnut salad, peek on the vegetable section of fridge and bring out the tender lettuce carefully. You need to bring out handful of almond from dry food storage. Rest of the ingredients such as goat cheese and strawberry slices you will definitely find somewhere in your kitchen. If they are not in your hand presently, you can skip them.

The refreshing, crunchy lettuce is powerhouse of antioxidant, vitamin K, A, folate, calcium that help to get strong bone, teeth and boost your immunity. To give away from anemia, osteoporosis and iron- deficiency, dip your fork to the tender leaves of lettuce. While you are in weight losing regime, go for this low calorie leaves that keep you full for long time and stop from overeating. And walnuts do not add extra crunch only, rather they are effective to maintain your cholesterol level.

5. Avocado mint salad

If you are looking for a healthy, nutritious and yummy brunch, the avocado mint salad fully satisfies you.

Avocado packed with niacin, beta carotene, omega 3 fatty acid, lutein and vitamin C, E, K. When women face mood swing or depression in pregnancy, please try to provide them avocado salad. The high level of folate in avocado reduces depression, prevents miscarriage and keep the baby’s neutral tube healthy. On the other hand, the refreshing flavor of mint and lemon perfectly balances the mild taste avocado.

The last but not the least, if you’re looking for variation in plate, place some fresh microgreens on the top of your salad and make it yummy super food. Click. to mix and match your salad with right variety of microgreens.

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